Santorum Samples Vol. 2

Santorum Samples (previously Santorum Bites) are passages from Rick Santorum’s It Takes a Family. They are deliberately taken out of context in an attempt to show that Mr. Santorum is a rational human being. Because we all know that when viewed in context, Rick Santorum is a jackass. Find more samples here or by clicking the Santorum Bites tab above.

From page 128:

The so-called sexual liberation of the late 1960s took hold in society, I believe, because of two principal factors: the legalization of abortion, which started in the late 1960s and culminated with Roe v. Wade in 1973, and – for low-income women – the availability of abortion plus the financial safety net provided by government welfare. The data are clear that welfare enabled out-of-wedlock childbirth (because the financial and, over time, social consequences – i.e., shame – were not as devastating) and, conversely, made marriage unnecessary.

Lessons learned:
1.Low-income women were a major cause of whatever Rick Santorum calls the “sexual liberation of the late 1960s.”
2. Welfare recipients need a way bigger dose of devastating shame. Then maybe they’d stop banging each other before they get married.
3. Fucking poor people.