Santorum Samples

Santorum Samples (previously Santorum Bites) are passages from Rick Santorum’s It Takes a Family. They are deliberately taken out of context in an attempt to show that Mr. Santorum is a rational human being. Because we all know that when viewed in context, Rick Santorum is a jackass. Find more samples here.

We got rid of our broken sofa, so now that Mr. Santorum’s book is no longer serving its primary function, I had to do something with it. Waste not, want not.

From page 140:

This is what happens when you have enough faith in everybody to rise and take responsibility for their lives and to make the right choices. With welfare reform, the government stopped enabling destructive behavior. We changed the paradigm for unmarried women: having children no longer means life-long government support, but rather (as it should) work and sacrifice.

Lessons learned:
1. For unmarried women, having children out of wedlock is “destructive behavior.”
2. Your government has decided that such “destructive behavior” will (as it should) be punished by “work and sacrifice.”
3. Presumably, you will still be taxed by your government for your work.
4. You’re welcome!