Gorey Fonts Galore!

OK, not really “galore,” but I did find two fonts based on the artwork and handwriting of the late, great Edward Gorey, author of The Curious Sofa, The Doubtful Guest, and probably most famously, The Gashlycrumb Tinies. “A is for Amy who fell down the stairs…”

The first is called simply Gorey font (follow the link to download). It “was built over the course of an afternoon in 2001 by Dame Hex.” Daniel Steinberg made it play nice with OSX. You can see a sample of it in that fancy new title banner above. Ooh la la, n’est pas?

You’ll have to Googlize the second font, since its creator’s download site seems to be down. It’s called OgdredWeary (an anagram of “Edward Gorey”) and there are many sites offering it for download. You can check out a sample of it below.